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Is your site working effectively for you? Are you getting as much out of it as you can? Do you have any idea?

For too many people, the answers to these questions are "No!" You can do better, and NetHorizons Unlimited can help.

We offer a quarterly subscription service which gets you ahead of the competition if you act on our targetted suggestions:

A fresh perspective
Often, when people design a site for the internet, they begin with some specific goals in mind. However, they may not understand all of their audiences or all of the users of the information they choose to make available. Having a fresh perspective can help to keep your site current and effective for all of your constituencies.
A quarterly report
You will receive a customized report each quarter identifying your site strengths, opportunities for improvement, specific suggestions to better reach customers, and comments on evolving web trends such as advertising, browser issues, and multimedia applications. This report will cover all visible aspects of your internet presence including use of email, FTP, and other media advertising.
OnSite discussions
NetHorizons Unlimited will be available to meet on your premises twice annually for a detailed question and answer session about the current state of internet marketing related activities.

Because NetHorizons Unlimited works with customers from a variety of industries, we can keep you in touch with the leading solutions for closing the gap with your customers.

Ask for pricing details now!

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